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Campus construction projects

Electrical Substation Replacement Project

Electrical project to impact quad, west hospital entrance

On Monday, Oct. 30, Facilities Management began work to install an electrical substation on the roof of the University campus hospital. A large work and staging area on the quad in front of the hospital and the main medical school entrance will be fenced off throughout the project, which is expected to be completed in April.

Beginning in November and for the duration of the project, there will be a tower crane on the quad adjacent to the revolving door at the west entrance to the hospital. At various periods during the project, it will be necessary to close the west entrance and adjacent sidewalks for safety reasons, such as when the crane is being assembled and when materials are being delivered to the roof.

Additional updates will be shared as needed throughout the project.

Questions about the project may be directed to John Baker, UMMS Associate Vice Chancellor for Facilities.

 Conceptual rendering of the tower crane on Quad 1 at the University campus
Conceptual rendering of the tower crane on Quad 1 at the University campus 


November/December update

Week of Dec. 4 – 8

Crane tower sections will be delivered each day this week, beginning on Monday, Dec. 4, with a total of four trailers each day.

To accommodate the deliveries, sections of the valet parking area will be cordoned off to allow trailers to use the valet area to exit the campus. UMMS Public Safety will be on hand to manage traffic flow for the 5-10 minute intervals when the trailers will be backing from the construction site into the valet area.

The sidewalk at the west employee/hospital entrance will remain open throughout the week.

Weekend of Dec. 9 – 10

Saturday, Dec. 9

Third road will be closed all day Saturday and Sunday to allow the boom for the tower crane to be assembled. This is necessary since the length of the boom (267’) will stretch across Quad 1 and into Quad 2.

Traffic in the valet area will be rerouted and UMMS Public Safety will be on site to coordinate traffic flow. Access across the quads will be curtailed for safety reasons.

Sunday, Dec. 10

The assembled crane boom will be hoisted  into place. Third Road will be closed for this activity, but foot traffic on the sidewalk adjacent to the west entrance of the hospital will be allowed. UMMS Public Safety will be coordinating vehicle traffic, and barriers will be placed to designate pedestrian areas.



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