• New Course for Managers: Understanding the Jan. 1, 2018 Transition From Traditional to Competency-Based Job Descriptions at UMMS

    This course is Part III of the HIRE module for the Manage and Lead at UMMS professional training program, and will provide an overview of the new UMMS Competency Model.

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  • November 2017 HR Capsule

    The November 2017 issue of the HR Capsule is available online. This issue includes information on learning and development metrics, the paperless W-2 feature in HR Direct, the new Manage and Lead training and more.

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  • Onboarding and Engaging Your New Hire Professional Development Training

    HR received positive feedback from the "Onboarding and Engaging Your New Hire" professional development training. Click "Read more" to learn more about our Professional Development trainings.

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  • Organizing, Prioritizing and Managing Your Work

    Employees were able to use the skills and lessons developed from the "Organizing, Prioritizing and Managing Your Work" professional development training, and apply them to their own department! Learn more about our Professional Development trainings.

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  • Join our UMMS Talent Community

    Create a profile in our Talent Community to match your career interests to our job opportunities. Click "Read More," to sign up for job alerts.

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