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Certification Courses

Standardized Patient

We provide the highest quality, accredited continuing education opportunities to health care providers to enhance their professional development.  Come to iCELS to obtain and/or maintain your certification in BLS, ACLS, PALS, ATLS, and FCCS. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER!

Standardized Patients & Hybrid Sim

Continuing Ed

Standardized Patients (SP's) have been training clinicians from across the Commonwealth for more than 30 years. Our SP's are trained to simulate medical conditions in realistic patient encounters. They serve as skilled teachers and evaluators of the complete physical exam and role play in hybrid simulations utilizing high fidelity technology. 

Watch this demonstration “A Day in the Emergency Room – Opioid Reversal in Action" (Simulation) 

High Fidelity Simulation & Task Training

High fidelity simulation provides the opportunity for realistic clinical experiences in a controlled setting. The use of interactive manikins, task trainers and clinical instrumentation allows for deliberate practice in an ideal learning environment to develop skills mastery and enhance team based communication.

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